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Fad or fiction? We explain what lies behind this latest diet to see if it really is a fad or has some benefits.
Living Naturally was created by Tyneside-based chiropractor, Estelle Zauner-Maughan.

As a chiropractor, much of my time is spent getting to know my clients. Although they come to see me with a physical complaint, it's important that I understand the underlying cause of the problem they are worried about. Are they stressed, tired, deskbound? Have they been participating in a sport or eaten something that their bodies simply don't tolerate?

Once I have this background, I can design their chiropractic treatment with these lifestyle considerations in mind. I often found I was giving more and more advice on ways to address some of these underlying causes.

I also realised I was referring people to online information that would help guide them forward but was rarely confident with what I was seeing. Then I had an idea... it seems simple now, but creating a website that I can happily refer people to was the way to go.
So here we are with Living Naturally, a resource for my clients, friends and extended family. It will be organic and continualy growing. I hope that you find it useful – and will take the time to take part.
Let me know what you think – send feedback, information and ideas here.
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